Fall Candle Fragrances to Light This Autumn

By the end of summer, most of us are eagerly anticipating cooler temps, sweater weather, changing leaves, crisp air, and pumpkin everything! Nothing sets the tone for this cozy season better than a good, FALL-scented candle fragrance. 

Our fall candle collection includes many best-selling fragrances from years past and always the appearance of a brand new FALL scent!

Check out our round-up of our favorite fall-scented candle fragrances you need to light this autumn.

8 of the Best Candle Scents to Try This Fall

Below are 8 of the best fall candle scents to try from our recent seasonal collection.

All of our signature fall scents are inspired by the beauty of the changing seasons here at the beach. The ocean air gets crisp, we bundle up for walks on the beach and we build bonfires in the sand.

All of these experiences and the changing of seasons, the orange sunsets, and even the scent in the ocean air inspired our fall candle collection.

And so, each year on Labor Day weekend, we launch a delicious batch of seasonal candles and they are officially HERE!

You can take a closer look at how our unique candle fragrances are made HERE!

#1: Beach Bonfire

Beach Bonfire scented fall candle with a smore

In 2023 we are pleased to introduce BEACH BONFIRE as our newest fall fragrance. Toasted marshmallows, sweet graham crackers & melted chocolate roasting over a flame!

You are going to LOVE this sweet new candle! Premiering Labor Day Weekend 2023, along with a FREE gift and the release of the rest of our FALL candles.

#2: Maple Bourbon

Notes of barrel-aged BOURBON, sugared AMBER, and MAPLE wood mingle together in this rich fragrance.

In 2022 we introduced Maple Bourbon as the new fall fragrance.

The fragrance is a fast favorite that will remain for the rest of our Fall and Winter candle collections.

#3: Mulled Cider

8 oz mulled cider mason jar candle with cinnamon, cloves, and apple from fall fragrance collection
Freshly pressed APPLES, steaming with warm spices like CINNAMON and CLOVES!

If you are a new collection, you have to start with the MULLED CIDER fall candle fragrance.

The seasonal scent is inspired by the enjoyment of a warm spicy drink at an evening bonfire on the beach.

Mulled Cider as a fall fragrance in your home is sure to warm up your space as cooler weather approaches.

#4: Pumpkin Almond Biscotti

Freshly baked PUMPKIN swirled with cinnamon, cloves, and a touch of sweet creamy CARAMEL… followed by notes of soft, smooth toasted ALMOND!

PUMPKIN ALMOND BISCOTTI is a fall candle fragrance that reminds us of pale orange skies during a fall sunset over the ocean. The color of our pillar candles perfectly captures these creates.

One of our favorite things about autumn on the Outer Banks is watching a sunrise or sunset. I love the feeling the cool ocean air on your face while wearing your favorite cozy fall jacket!

When you get too cold and have to come home, light this fall fragrance to feel restored.

#5: Beach Pine

8 oz Beach Pine Mason Jar Candle from the Fall Fragrance Collection with a pine branch
Fresh evergreen PINE with a dash of salt air!

The BEACH PINE candle is inspired by evergreen Pine trees sprinkled throughout our maritime forests of the Outer Banks. The fall candle fragrance works perfect for autumn months, but is also a must-have through the winter season!

One light of that candle or spritz of that room spray has been known to restore dignity to artificial Christmas trees everywhere.

#6: Pumpkin Cobbler

The BOLD & SPICY PUMPKIN candle! Freshly baked pumpkin with notes of sugar, butter, and BOLD spices like cinnamon & cloves! 

#7: Pumpkin Cobbler

Pumpkin Cobbler is obviously a favorite fall scent. You simply cannot have fall without pumpkins, so it’s no surprise this candle makes our list.

Pro Tip: This fall candle smells REALLY good burned together with our Island Espresso fragrance!

#8: Spiced Orange AKA Orange Pomander

8 oz spiced orange mason jar candle with cloves, citrus, and spices
Sweet ORANGES studded with whole CLOVES produce bold notes of bright citrus & exotic SPICES!

The Spiced Orange seasonal candle was formerly named Orange Pomander. We renamed the fragrance this fall because some people were missing out on this amazing candle fragrance because they didn’t know what it is!

An Orange Pomander is a fancy term for an orange studded with cloves in an endless variety of patterns and designs. The cloves preserve the orange and are used around the holidays as decorations and for their spicy citrus fragrance that fills the room!

Despite the name change, the Spiced Orange fall candle still smells just as delicious, if not even more so!

Using and repurposing Fall Candles

Since many of us like to decorate for the fall and holiday seasons, pillar candles are a great way to set the tone for autumn in your home! Nothing ushers in this special season quite like using the colors and fragrances of repurposed candles in your fall decor.

And in case you like to get crafty and take it a step further, there are also some great ways that you can repurpose your candle jars to use as part of your seasonal decor:

No matter how you choose to enjoy your fall candles, we want you to get the most out of them! Always use candle safety best practices when burning your candle to ensure maximum longevity.

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