How to Repurpose Vintage Glass Around the House

Repurposed amber vintage glassware used for a Thanksgiving table.
Did your Outer Banks Candle Company Vintage Glass candle burn out? Great news! You can easily repurpose the antique glass for organizing, decorating, and hosting parties once you learn how to repurpose them and cleaned out the wax so you can enjoy the beauty for years to come!

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Turning Vintage Glass Into Handmade Candles

Handmade candles from antique and vintage glass
See our antique glassware hunting process where we find and turn vintage glass into handmade (and repurposed) candles unique to the season for our Vintage Collections.

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How to Use Our Candle Refill Kits

Learn how to use our candle refill kit with step-by-step instructions for wax melting, wicking, & pouring to transform glassware into your own handmade candles.

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Outer Banks Holiday Craft Shows & Events

Outer Banks Candle Company Craft Shows
Outer Banks Holiday Craft Shows and Events have been a great way to introduce my product to people and get their feedback. It was also very nerve-wracking because I didn’t know if a single person would want to buy my candles! Here’s where you shop with us this Holiday!

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How to Build a Beach Bonfire on the Outer Banks

Outer Banks beach bonfire
Not all Outer Banks towns allow beach bonfires and the ones that do allow bonfires do not all have the same rules and regulations. Use our tips and tricks to build your own and know the specific rules for each location and town.

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Fall Candle Fragrances to Light This Autumn

Nothing sets the tone for the cozy season than a good, FALL-scented candle fragrance. Check out our round-up of our favorite fall-scented candle fragrances you need to try this autumn

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6 Bizarre Sea Creatures You Might Find on the Outer Banks

clear and transparent moon jellyfish on the Outer Banks beach
Discover the enigmatic world of Outer Banks’ bizarre sea creatures as you embark on a beachcombing adventure along the shores. From translucent Moon Jellies to bulbous Sea Onions and tenacious Mole Crabs, this curated list introduces you to six extraordinary marine life that sometimes defy easy identification.

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Where to Catch OBX Sunrises and Sunsets

Golden sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean on the Outer Banks of North Carolina with seagulls flying over the waves.
The sound side of the Outer Banks is the best place to watch a sunset, while the ocean is the best place to watch the sunrise. Whether you love the deep bold colors of the immediate sunrise or the soft pastels of a distant sunset, we are here to recommend the best places to catch either at dusk or dawn.

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Candle Care Tips to Keep Flames Burning Longer

Soy wax candle burning from the Outer Banks Candle Company's mason jar candle collection
Candle care starts when you first purchase your candle! Extend the life of votive, pillar, and soy wax candles with these Dos and Don’ts.

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Coastal North Carolina Gift Guide

After several years of these monthly collaborations, we’ve compiled the ultimate coastal North Carolina Gift Guide for nearly any occasion including Christmas! Find 15 handcrafted, small-batch made OBX & NC-Made gifts for your everyone on your list.

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Scenic Hikes & Nature Paths on the Outer Banks

The beauty and nature of the Outer Banks is constant creative inspiration to our candle fragrances. Find 8 scenic hikes & nature paths on the OBX worth exploring with miles of protected hiking trails, untouched shoreline, wildlife, and sights that delight the soul.

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Behind the Scenes: How Our Candle Fragrances Are Made

Kimber making candle scents at her candle studio in Kitty Hawk, NC
Welcome to another behind the scenes where we dive into how our candle fragrances are made, the supplies we use, along with the inspiration behind our scent creation and their names!

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8 Iconic Outer Banks Piers & Their History

Outer Banks Piers: Boardwalks, Fishing, Wildlife
Explore 8 notable piers and their history of resilience on the Outer Banks that are our favorites. Most you can visit and some you may not even know about yet!

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How to Date & Identify Antique Mason Jars

Antique Mason Jars Candles on the Beach
Over the years, I’ve learned how to date and identify antique Mason Jars while acquiring a collection of in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Here are tips and reference charts to estimate the age of your jars.

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6 Iconic & Historic Outer Banks Beach Cottage Styles

For the last 200 years, the OBX has innovated style and function as a part of our complex coastal environment. Learn about 6 architectural features and designs that we still see on our beaches today!

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