Our Process

At The Outer Banks Candle Company, candle-making is a labor of love!

Each and every candle is crafted by hand from start to finish in small batches. Fragrances have been mixed, tested, & devoured in order to create each of our signature scents! And every little step of the process has been perfected through years of practice and experimentation and is carefully executed.

First, the wax is melted at high temperatures in the 100-pound melter you see in the first photo. At this point, the wax is transferred into small pots where we add as much delicious fragrance as the wax will hold! After the wax has cooled down a bit, wicks are set and each candle is carefully poured by hand.

Once the candles have been allowed to cure for 24 hours, then every candle is cleaned, wicks are trimmed, ribbons are tied, and each candle is labeled by hand. Lastly, we package and ship them with an equal amount of care and top it off with a hand-written note of THANKS because I am truly THANKFUL for every customer and the opportunity you have given me to work in this creative business, and the small team of candles makers that join me in bringing it all to life!

See the gallery below for a peek into the candle studio & our process…

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