The Outer Banks Candle Company


Kimber Smith

I refer to myself as a “Candle Artist” because to me, candle-making is a deep expression of creativity in many forms. And so, The Outer Banks Candle Company was born in 2008 out of my passion for art, my love for the coast… and an obsession with candles!

I graduated from The University of North Carolina at Wilmington in 2000 with a degree in Fine ART. And while I enjoy art in many forms, after starting a family & with a few young children by my side (or on my hip!), I decided to focus my creative energy into candle making.

So, we built a studio where all of these candles are poured by hand and filled with as much fragrance as the wax will hold (now with the help of a few wonderful ladies!) The whole process is a labor of love… from designing the labels, mixing colors & signature fragrances, collaborating with other artists, and packaging your candles with care, often praying for the people who receive them!

I hope you love these candles as much as we love making them. Follow along on Facebook or Instagram to see lots of behind the scenes on how & where the candles are made, Outer Banks photos that inspire these candles, the family of seven behind this small business, as well as new candle releases & promotions!

Candles in Raleigh


[Throwback video from 2014 when a Raleigh news channel

did a story on this small candle business!]