DIY Recycled Candle Mason Jar Glitter Snow Globes

I always feel envious when I see snow globes. One by one beautiful pictures of winter wonderlands, kids bundled up beaming, and sleds being catapulted downhills float past on my screen, all while torrential winds and rain whip outside my own door.

Recycled candle mason jar turned into a glitter, DIY snow globe with trees inside the jar.

Snow is a rare occurrence on the Outer Banks thanks to the ocean’s ability to ward off any potential winter accumulation. However, I know some of you are warning me of what I wish for. Growing up in the mountains, I distinctly remember messy roads, power outages, and interrupted weeks of school.

The beauty that comes with snow can also be a nuisance. The greatest problem of them all though is idle time with young kids. Gone are the days you can open a door and tell them to be back by dinner.

The winter wonder usually only lasts until the tips of their noses are frozen and their cheeks burn with cold (and for beach kids this can be pretty fast). So, the need for indoor entertainment is at an all-time high!

How to Make Your Own Glitter Snow Globe

If you’re looking for a screen-time alternative, this DIY Snow Globe made from a repurposed Outer Banks Candle Company candle jar brings snow to those who dream of its magic and entertains those kept inside by the harshness of its bite.

Here’s how to easily make your own kid-friendly mason jar snow globe.

Bonus: this craft involves an empty fruit cup container so there is eating involved and who doesn’t love a snack?

Materials & Supplies 

Here’s a list of the materials and supplies we used to make our DIY mason jar candle.

  • Outer Banks Candle Company mason jar candle (or any empty mason jar)
  • Mason Jar lid (regular mason & jelly jars have universal lids, so this can even be the lid from your strawberry jam!)
  • Super Glue or resin
  • Tiny evergreen tree figurines (or any small figure that fits in the jar)
  • Distilled water
  • Glycerin
  • Various types of glitter
  • Small plastic fruit cup container
  • Buffalo Snow (optional)
Distilled water, snow flakes, a mason jar, glycerin, glitter, tree figurines, and a fruit cup container.

Step 1: Clean Your Candle Jar 

Start by removing any labels on your candle jar. Scrape the remaining bits of wax into the trash and wash the jar inside and out with soapy water.

If your mason jar candle has a lid with holes, you can replace it with any standard closed mason jar lid. 

Step 2: Glue & Let Dry 

Next, you will need your super glue, candle jar lid, trees, and empty plastic fruit cup container. I used resin glue because that is what I had on hand, but you can use any super glue.

The real key here is having the patience to let it dry (and ventilation!). If your lid has two pieces like mine, you will first glue the lid together.

Next, cut the fruit cup to fit inside the lid and glue it to the underside of the lid. The dome shape of the fruit cup will help elevate the figure you’re highlighting in your globe.

Cutting a fruit cup with scissors.
Gluing the rim of the fruit cup to attach the the mason jar lid.

Once that has had time to set, you will glue the trees down. I got the little evergreen trees from a craft store, but you can use anything that fits in the jar! Old ornaments, action figures, plastic animals, and other various trinkets would all make interesting snow globes. 

Gluing evergreen figurine bases to attach to the mason jar lid.

Step 3: Add Your Liquids

Now you will need to gather your distilled water, glycerine, and the glass candle jar. If you are using a 16oz (pint) jar like me, start by adding a little less than 2 cups of water to the jar.

Remember, the water will be displaced when you add the lid with the trees– so do not fill the jar all the way to the top, but close.

After adding water, measure out 2-3 tsp of glycerine per cup of water and add it to the jar. Glycerine is the component that makes everything float! 

Person pouring water into a mason jar using a measuring cup over a kitchen sink.
Adding a teaspoon of glycerine to a mason jar of water

Step 4: Add Glitter

The fun part! Add a pinch of each glitter you chose. You can also add buffalo snow, although I did not love how it floated to the top.

In hindsight, I could have used it to cover the plastic fruit container or left it out entirely. 

Once you’ve added all the things you want floating it’s time to close the lid! 

Person adding glycerin to a diy mason jar snowglobe with glycerin

Step 5: Close and shake! 

Adding the mason jar lid and submerging it into the water and glycerin mixture.

For extra support, you can add glue to the rim of the lid before you screw it back on the jar. Make sure the lid is on correctly by testing the jar before, shaking vigorously.

When you’re sure the lid is secure, shake and enjoy your winter wonderland! 

Completed DIY mason jar snow globe with evergreen tree figurines.

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