Vintage Turkey Candy Dish (Amber)


Pumpkin Almond Biscotti fragrance. All natural soy wax.

Vintage amber glass Turkey candy or condiment dish created by the LE Glass Company. I’m imagining this guy as a centerpiece on a Thanksgiving table serving gravy or cranberry sauce!

The LE Glass Co in Pennsylvania produced its first glass turkeys in 1943 & they continued to gain popularity for more than 30 years. Then after several years of declining interest in the turkeys, they regained popularity in the 1980’s when Martha Stewart displayed the turkeys on her holiday entertaining television special! Despite the renewed interest, the LE Glass Company ceased production on all items and closed its doors in 2005.

This beautiful candle has two wicks for more efficient burning.

To reuse your vintage candle container: after the candle has burned down, scoop out any remaining wax with a spoon and discard. Then simply wash out the vessel carefully with warm, soapy water and since soy wax is soft and water soluble, it’s that easy. Now you’re ready to enjoy your vintage treasure for years to come!

PUMPKIN ALMOND BISCOTTI: Freshly baked pumpkin swirled with cinnamon, cloves, and a touch of sweet creamy caramel … followed by notes of soft, smooth toasted almond!

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