Vintage Milk Glass Glass “Hen on Nest” Candy Dish w/red comb


Pumpkin Almond Biscotti or Orange Pomander fragrance. All natural soy wax.

This 6″ vintage milk glass Hen on Nest has a red comb on his head. This beauty is just waiting to show off in your Fall and Holiday decor! This candle has three wicks for amore efficient burn. It’s perfect for decor, nuts at a party, condiments, a serving dish on your dinner table, a stunning centerpiece, or a unique holiday hostess gift!

*some of these hens have faded red “combs” on their head. It’s part of their *aged* beauty!

These “Hen on Nest” dishes were popular in the US from the late 1800’s thru the mid-century and even gained a resurgence of popularity in the 1970’s when the green and amber colors were introduced! The term “Hen on Nest” was coined by the Westmoreland Glass Company in the 1930’s, but these dishes are also referred to as an “animal dish”, “trinket box”,  “hen in a basket”, and more.

To reuse your vintage candle container: after the candle has burned down, scoop out any remaining wax with a spoon and discard. Then simply wash out the vessel carefully with warm, soapy water and since soy wax is soft and water soluble, it’s that easy. Now you’re ready to enjoy your vintage treasure for years to come!

PUMPKIN ALMOND BISCOTTI: Freshly baked pumpkin swirled with cinnamon, cloves, and a touch of sweet creamy caramel … followed by notes of soft, smooth toasted almond! 

ORANGE POMANDER: Sweet oranges studded with whole cloves fill the room with bold notes of bright citrus mixed with exotic spices! 


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