Antique SLAG Glass Toothpick Holder


Driftwood Vanilla fragrance. All natural soy wax.

This tiny beige vintage SLAG glass toothpick holder is adorable! And once your candle is finished burning, it would be perfect to hold some toothpicks or trinkets!

Glass toothpick holders gained popularity in the 19th century with the invention of disposable wooden or quill toothpicks (Prior to that, they were usually made of gold, silver or ivory!) They grew in popularity in the early 1900’s when matching sets of glass tableware became popular, and a set of toothpick holders was an essential part of the set! 

SLAG GLASS: Highly collectible glassware with a marbled effect. Originally created in the 1800’s using “Silicate Slag”, an ingredient that forms in iron ore as it cools. The slag was mixed with the glass in its molten state to create this effect!

To reuse your vintage candle container: after the candle has burned down, scoop out any remaining wax with a spoon and discard. Then simply wash out the vessel carefully with warm, soapy water and since soy wax is soft and water soluble, it’s that easy. Now you’re ready to enjoy your vintage treasure for years to come!

DRIFTWOOD VANILLA:  A blend of fresh HARDWOODS, followed by soft notes of aged VANILLA!

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