Outer Banks Holiday Craft Shows & Events

Outer Banks Holiday Craft Shows and Events have been a great way to introduce my product to people and get their feedback. It was also very nerve-wracking because I didn’t know if a single person would want to buy my candles! Here’s where you shop with us this Holiday!

Fall Candle Fragrances to Light This Autumn

Nothing sets the tone for the cozy season than a good, FALL-scented candle fragrance. Check out our round-up of our favorite fall-scented candle fragrances you need to try this autumn

6 Bizarre Sea Creatures You Might Find on the Outer Banks

Discover the enigmatic world of Outer Banks’ bizarre sea creatures as you embark on a beachcombing adventure along the shores. From translucent Moon Jellies to bulbous Sea Onions and tenacious Mole Crabs, this curated list introduces you to six extraordinary marine life that sometimes defy easy identification.

Where to Catch OBX Sunrises and Sunsets

The sound side of the Outer Banks is the best place to watch a sunset, while the ocean is the best place to watch the sunrise. Whether you love the deep bold colors of the immediate sunrise or the soft pastels of a distant sunset, we are here to recommend the best places to catch either at dusk or dawn.

Coastal North Carolina Gift Guide

After several years of these monthly collaborations, we’ve compiled the ultimate coastal North Carolina Gift Guide for nearly any occasion including Christmas! Find 15 handcrafted, small-batch made OBX & NC-Made gifts for your everyone on your list.