Sea Scape Collection

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    The Sea Scape Collection


    Would it be an overstatement to say that a candle could change your life? Because these may. Made with all natural SOY wax, The Sea Scape Collection is an assortment of colorful, playful & beautifully artistic candles… and that’s all before you even open one up! Then lift a lid (which we’ve heard contains a portal to Narnia) and be whisked away to a sweet vacation…

    You’ll want to carry one with you to work all week, which we would not personally recommend because you won’t get anything done daydreaming about the beach all day. We wouldn’t want you to lose your job because of a candle. But these candles feel good. Really good – and they smell even better.

    [12 oz all natural SOY candles with approx. 50 hours of burn time]