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    Wake me up in PARADISE

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    They call me the “Wake me up in Paradise” candle because I may just be the best cure for the can’t-wait-for-summer blues! I am a trifle of “Coconut Cove”, “Island Espresso” and “Vanilla Vacation” filling your home [and your senses] with visions of paradise as one delicious fragrance disappears into another, and colors melt and blend into the next! You’ll be dancing on a warm sunny beach in no time! [well, at least you’ll have me to TIDE you over ’til your toes touch the sand] But why wait? Paradise beckons…

    [Available for a limited time]



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    Pink Grapefruit


    Plump and juicy,
    sweet and tangy,
    fresh and clean…
    I was blended to be everything you love about my cousin, the citrus treat.
    Relaxing in my own spacious wax castle,
    I am the envy of breakfast fruit everywhere.

    Pink Grapefruit is also available in The Vintage Canning Collection

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    Beachy Peachy


    Does anything scream summer more than fresh peaches from a roadside farm stand? How about fresh peaches from a roadside stand ON THE WAY TO THE BEACH?! And that’s where I come in… My sweet, fruity fragrance emerges like a soft, warm ocean breeze. With my vibrant coral color and luscious peach nectar aroma, I’m like a summer-beach-vacation in a bottle (or in this case, candle).

    Beachy Peachy is also available in The Vintage Canning Collection

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    Coconut Cove


    Life was grand on my coconut island,
    But this is double the delight.
    Splashed with sweet mango & juicy pineapple,
    a sea of tropical delight…
    Buried under a waxy blue ocean,
    I am undiscovered treasure.
    (But you can find me at the Outer Banks Candle Company.)

    Coconut Cove is also available in The Vintage Canning Collection

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    Water Lily


    You might be wondering what a “Water Lily” blossom smells like. So am I! It is said that some water lilies produce a floral or citrus fragrance. As for me, the candle, I stand endowed in lily pad green and when my flame dances in the aquatic breeze, I exude a delicious & delicate combination of my creator’s best citrus fruit and floral scents rolled into one.

    Water Lily is also available in The Vintage Canning Collection

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    Island Gardenia


    Me no like to brag, but . . . who me kidding? Me love to brag, and you brag, too, if you smell like a tropical gardenia blossom. Yeh, we islanders often have our heads in de clouds and our feet in de sea, but no problem, mon, we do fine inland, too. So, in me best faux humility, lemme just say – you gwanna love me so much!
    (Don’t let the accent fool you, I’m from the Outer Banks)

    Island Gardenia is also available in The Vintage Canning Collection

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    Jasmine Tides


    We all know that the delicately sweet & heavenly scent of Jasmine blossoms in the breeze means we have welcomed summer to come forth like the ocean’s tides. Jasmine stirs memories of summer days & warm, gentle breezes; which have now been captured in your new favorite candle, “Jasmine Tides” (Hard to be humble when you smell this good!) Bring me home and stir your summer memories…

    Jasmine Tides is also available in The Vintage Canning Collection

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    Tropical Trifle


    If you’re like me, you sometimes have trouble making up your mind. Not to worry. You can have your candle and indecision, too. I’m a candle stacked with three coordinated colors and three harmonious scents (chosen by my creator) that will keep all those aspects of your personality thoroughly engaged as one melts into the other. And I’m not just one combination of three, either — there’s a whole bunch of us available. Or should I say, there’s a whole bunch of “me” available. Maybe it should be “us”…but I said “me” earlier, so I should be consistent … but if there’s three of me, that would be “us”, wouldn’t it? I can’t decide.