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  • IMG_2294

    Pumpkin Almond Biscotti


    I’m the cool PUMPKIN candle with SMOOTH moves.

    Imagine that it’s a COOL autumn day… You’re keeping you warm by a beach bonfire with your favorite hot pumpkin drink. The steaming delight is topped with a drizzle of sweet, creamy caramel and paired with a freshly baked, crisp Almond Biscotti cookie. The waves are rolling softly at your feet and the fragrances of FALL are mingling together in perfect harmony.

    In the air is the aroma of fresh baked pumpkin, swirled with cinnamon, cloves, and a touch of sweet creamy caramel … followed by notes of soft, SMOOTH toasted almonds. And I’m pretty sure that makes me the coolest, smoothest pumpkin candle around.

    Pumpkin Almond Biscotti is also available in the Vintage Canning Collection

  • IMG_2298

    Pumpkin Cobbler


    I’m the PUMPKIN candle with a BOLD kick!

    Maybe it’s the holidays; maybe it’s not. How should I know? I’m a candle. But I understand that aromas like fresh baked pumpkin with notes of sugar, butter and BOLD spices like cinnamon and cloves are signs of the season and I’m here to help you celebrate! Let your eyes feast on my orange-maple color. Let your nose take in my memorable aroma. I’m the pumpkin candle with a bold kick and together, we can light this holiday season on FIRE!

    Pumpkin Cobbler also available in The Vintage Canning Collection

  • IMG_2295

    Gingerbread Man


    Being the color of a sugar cookie, I may look good enough to eat. And you’ll be further tempted when you smell the cinnamon, sugar, ginger and butter aromas that emanate from me even before you light me up. I go through this all the time. I AM NOT A COOKIE. I warn people to keep me lit so everyone knows that I’m really a candle. It just takes forever for those bite marks to disappear.

    Gingerbread Man also available in The Vintage Canning Collection

  • IMG_2299

    Mulled Cider


    Three guesses what I smell like – and the first two don’t count! Hey, who doesn’t enjoy a glass of mulled cider every now and then? But every now and then that delicious nectar just isn’t available, and bringing me out to compensate for this shortage will make you miss it less. So when it’s too much trouble for someone to mull you some cider, light my beautiful burgundy self up and we’ll mull the whole thing over together.

    Mulled Cider also available in The Vintage Canning Collection

  • IMG_2297

    Honey Hive


    What’s all the BUZZ about?? Oh, HONEY, I’ve got some SWEET news and I’ve come straight out of the honey comb – and still dripping with the rich delicious nectar – to tell you about it! Honey Hive is on the scene and if you love pure honey, then you will appreciate my true, sweet, sticky fragrance, balanced out by delicate floral notes.  Honey, you don’t wanna miss this!

    Honey Hive is also available in The Vintage Canning Collection

  • IMG_2296

    Island Espresso


    Most espresso beans start their journey in a coffee roaster. We prefer to do our roasting on the beach, under the warm sun. It takes longer, but who’s keeping track of time at the beach anyway?

    You’ll appreciate our method when you smell this “Island Espresso” blend of sun-kissed espresso beans with hints of chocolate & hazelnut!

    Island Espresso is also available in the Vintage Canning Collection

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    Beach Pine


    I was born in the maritime forests of the Outer Banks, where groves of fresh evergreen pine trees flourish and grow wild. Here, each “Beach Pine” tree thrives in the shadow of sand dunes, sprinkled by the fresh, salt air. And now you can be whisked away to the fresh air of a brisk walk through a maritime forest… without even leaving your living room!

    Beach Pine is also available in The Vintage Canning Collection

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    Peppermint Bark


    I’m a cool, red candle. Like the red in the red, white and blue. And like the red in the red and white stripe of an old fashioned peppermint stick. I’ve been around forever. Yes, peppermint comes in many different colors now. But I’m an original. I look like the original and I smell like the original . . . wait a minute, I smell better than the original because I’ve teamed up with a hint of sweet vanilla cream. Oh, no! Does that mean I’m not an original?
    Let’s face it – there’s more than one way to be an original.

    Peppermint Bark is also available in The Vintage Canning Collection

  • seasonal trinity product shot 3

    Seasonal Trinity


    I may be the very best way to usher in the holiday season! I am one candle with a trinity of heart-warming seasonal fragrances. Imagine any combination of “pumpkin cobbler”… “honey hive”… “mulled cider”… “pumpkin almond biscotti”… “gingerbread man”… “black currant”…”island espresso”… and “peppermint bark” filling your home as one delicious scent disappears into another, and colors melt and blend into the next! Each one of us “Seasonal Trinity” candles is a unique combination of fragrance and color, layered in a vision of variety, so you will never tire of me!

    (or should I say, “us“?)

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    Pineapple Mint


    Imagine you’re relaxing on a sunny, warm beach with a sweet, cool, tropical drink in hand when a refreshing breeze blows in… That’s the best way to describe me, PINEAPPLE MINT  >>> Top notes of sweet tropical, juicy pineapple, followed by soft notes of fresh green mint. So when you can’t relax on a sunny beach with a cool drink in hand, you can have me to cheer you up.

    Pineapple Mint is also available in The Vintage Canning Collection

  • IMG_2321

    Coconut Cove


    Life was grand on my coconut island,
    But this is double the delight.
    Splashed with sweet mango & juicy pineapple,
    a sea of tropical delight…
    Buried under a waxy blue ocean,
    I am undiscovered treasure.
    (But you can find me at the Outer Banks Candle Company.)

    Coconut Cove is also available in The Vintage Canning Collection

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    Water Lily


    You might be wondering what a “Water Lily” blossom smells like. So am I! It is said that some water lilies produce a floral or citrus fragrance. As for me, the candle, I stand endowed in lily pad green and when my flame dances in the aquatic breeze, I exude a delicious & delicate combination of my creator’s best citrus fruit and floral scents rolled into one.

    Water Lily is also available in The Vintage Canning Collection

  • IMG_2304

    Island Gardenia


    Me no like to brag, but . . . who me kidding? Me love to brag, and you brag, too, if you smell like a tropical gardenia blossom. Yeh, we islanders often have our heads in de clouds and our feet in de sea, but no problem, mon, we do fine inland, too. So, in me best faux humility, lemme just say – you gwanna love me so much!
    (Don’t let the accent fool you, I’m from the Outer Banks)

    Island Gardenia is also available in The Vintage Canning Collection

  • IMG_2322

    Pink Grapefruit


    Plump and juicy,
    sweet and tangy,
    fresh and clean…
    I was blended to be everything you love about my cousin, the citrus treat.
    Relaxing in my own spacious wax castle,
    I am the envy of breakfast fruit everywhere.

    Pink Grapefruit is also available in The Vintage Canning Collection

  • IMG_2319

    Beachy Peachy


    Does anything scream summer more than fresh peaches from a roadside farm stand? How about fresh peaches from a roadside stand ON THE WAY TO THE BEACH?! And that’s where I come in… My sweet, fruity fragrance emerges like a soft, warm ocean breeze. With my vibrant coral color and luscious peach nectar aroma, I’m like a summer-beach-vacation in a bottle (or in this case, candle).

    Beachy Peachy is also available in The Vintage Canning Collection

  • IMG_2323

    Jasmine Tides


    We all know that the delicately sweet & heavenly scent of Jasmine blossoms in the breeze means we have welcomed summer to come forth like the ocean’s tides. Jasmine stirs memories of summer days & warm, gentle breezes; which have now been captured in your new favorite candle, “Jasmine Tides” (Hard to be humble when you smell this good!) Bring me home and stir your summer memories…

    Jasmine Tides is also available in The Vintage Canning Collection

  • 1D3_7751

    Tropical Trifle


    If you’re like me, you sometimes have trouble making up your mind. Not to worry. You can have your candle and indecision, too. I’m a candle stacked with three coordinated colors and three harmonious scents (chosen by my creator) that will keep all those aspects of your personality thoroughly engaged as one melts into the other. And I’m not just one combination of three, either — there’s a whole bunch of us available. Or should I say, there’s a whole bunch of “me” available. Maybe it should be “us”…but I said “me” earlier, so I should be consistent … but if there’s three of me, that would be “us”, wouldn’t it? I can’t decide.